Sciatica Relief
 Get relief from sciatica and get back to what matters most

 We meet people all the time who are trying to stretch or strengthen theri sciatica away. Often they are tryin great remedies that have worked for someone else. The problem- each case is unique and what worked for one person may not work for the next.

When you come into our office we are able to idenfity the right combination of stretches and exercises that will work best for you.  We will identify togething what is and is not going on. You'll leave our office knowing:

1. What's wrong

2. What to do

3. What to avoid or modify to get quick results

 We understand how it feels to deal with Sciatica. We've helped hundreds of people just like you get rid of sciatica and get back to what matters most. We work to use a custom approach with a wide variety of treatment options based on your unique situation.  Over 90% of cases of sciatica do not require surgery

 Don't take our word for it hear from our patients:

"I've been battling with sciatica for weeks now and the team at Norwood Chiropractic has been the only team to help me find relief" - Patient

"After one visit, my symptoms of sciatica were almost non-existent" - Patient


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Our Approach
Evaluation & Treatment

At Norwood Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center our patients want to get out of pain and back to what matters most. And they want it quickly. In order to achieve this you must correctly identify what is and isn't contributing to your pain 

The problem is most people skip this step and start trying different treatment options they find on the intermet or were told by a collegue what works fro some people won't work for others and this leaves people feeling like theypre stuck with this condition forever. we believe that when you correct only then you can select the approtriate treatment method. That's why we take the time to examine you on your 1st visit. One this is done, selecting the approtpriate treatment method is EASY. It's why the majoriy of our patients avoid surgery. So schedule your 1st session today to stop living in pain and get back to your life. 



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